Technical Support

We understand that when you rely on PAMS for the efficient running of your operation you need fast resolution of any problems that occur and our technical support reflects this.

Maintenance Contracts

PAMS is designed to offer high reliablilty running 24/7. A maintenance contract ensures fast response and resolution to issues that may affect system availability.


PAMS are designed to be intuitive and easy to use so that users can take 'ownership' of the system. However training is important to smooth implementation and to ensure that your staff are gaining the most benefit from your system.


PAMS are supplied to an agreed functional design specification - fully configured and ready to use.
To ensure smooth implementation an experienced project engineer is responsible from start to finish giving you a consistent and reliable point of contact. The project engineer oversees all aspects of implementation. This includes..

The benefits of ATC alarm management systems

Air traffic control (ATC) alarm management systems provide several benefits, including:

  1. Improved Situational Awareness: ATC alarm management systems help air traffic controllers to monitor multiple alarms and prioritize their attention based on the severity of the situation. This improved situational awareness helps to reduce the risk of human error and ensures that controllers are able to respond quickly to critical incidents.

  2. Increased Safety: By reducing the number of false alarms and providing a clear and concise display of alarms, ATC alarm management systems help to improve safety in the control tower. The ability to quickly assess and respond to alarms helps to minimize the risk of accidents and incidents.

  3. Improved Efficiency: ATC alarm management systems help to streamline the alarm management process and reduce the workload for air traffic controllers. By prioritizing alarms and reducing the number of false alarms, controllers are able to focus their attention on the most critical incidents, which helps to improve efficiency and reduce delays.

  4. Enhanced Data Collection and Analysis: ATC alarm management systems collect data on the performance of alarms and the response times of air traffic controllers. This data can be analyzed to identify trends and areas for improvement, which helps to further optimize the performance of the system.

Overall, the use of ATC alarm management systems helps to enhance safety, improve efficiency, and support data-driven decision making in air traffic control.

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